Announcing WCB 2013

  Each new year brings new resolutions, new goals, new opportunities … and new scheduling for Wound Clinic Business meetings. Don’t miss an entirely new 2013 program that highlights all the coding and reimbursement changes that wound care providers must implement.

  To accommodate the requests from previous attendees and to address the numerous 2013 “hot topics,” WCB has changed its format to be composed of a series of interactive discussions from the viewpoints of hospital-based outpatient wound care departments (HOPDs) and the qualified wound care professionals who manage wounds in the HOPD and their offices.

  Plan to bring your entire wound care team so that everyone has the benefit of participating in the interactive discussions: medical directors, physicians and podiatrists, non-physician practitioners, HOPD program directors, therapists, coders and billers, office managers, charge description master directors, corporate compliance officers, health information management directors, revenue integrity auditors, hospital executives, and clinical managers.

  For more information and a list of the cities WCB will be visiting this year, visit