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Reader Reports

Review of Responses to Reader Survey: ICD-10-CM Lessons Learned – Part 2

Editor’s Note: Following are results to Part 2 of our three-part reader survey on ICD-10-CM — Preparation for ICD-10 Implementation: “Things I Would Do Differently if I Could Start Over Again.” Part 1 results published in February and Part 3 results will publish in April. Respondents to Part 2 included qualified healthcare professionals (QHPs [physicians, nurse practitioners, podiatrists, physician assistants, and clinical nurse specialists]) working in private offices, facilities (hospitals, wound care hospital-based outpatient departments [HOPDs], skilled nursing facilities, long-term care hospitals), wound care HOPDs managed by the hospital, and HOPDs managed by wound management companies. Therefore, we’re reviewing surveys here from these four perspectives. Table 2 provides the questions and answers (Q&A) from each of these groups. 

Reader Reports
Kathleen D. Schaum, MS
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