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Protect Periwound Skin With These Innovative Dermatologic Products

Patients with wounds require special dermatological care to cleanse wounds and prevent complications. A number of skin care products available on the market can be a valuable addition to the wound care clinic for periwound skin. 

Clean & FreeClean & Free 

For cleansing periwound skin without using water, Clean & Free Rinse-Free Full Body Wash & Peri-Cleanser may be an efficient option for patients. Manufacturer DermaRite notes Clean & Free is a mild, pH balanced, rinse-free body wash, shampoo, and perineal cleanser. 

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DermaPhor Dermaphor

Another solution for moisturizing dry periwound skin is DermaPhor Skin Protectant/Moisturizing Ointment. Manufacturer DermaRite says the ointment soothes and moisturizes skin and lips that are dry, rough, or cracked, and can also shield skin from the drying effects of wind and cold weather. 

In addition, DermaPhor offers temporary protection for minor cuts, scrapes and burns. DermaRite says the product contains petrolatum and has a natural, fragrance-free scent. It is formulated to glide on easily during application. 

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Skin can often become damaged when removing wound dressings and adhesive, and DermaPrep Liquid Barrier Skin Protectant can guard against pain and skin damage. Manufacturer DermaRite notes DermaPrep forms a long-lasting waterproof film that can shield periwound skin from bodily fluids, adhesives, and frictional forces. 

In addition to protecting from skin damage from adhesive removal, DermaPrep has several indications. DermaRite notes the skin protectant protects against the excessive moisture resulting from wound exudate, tube drainage, or incontinence. DermaPrep can lessen friction damage over bony prominences. DermaRite adds that it can also form an extra barrier over the intact skin in the fragile areas that can arise in patients with stage 1 pressure ulcers, suspected deep tissue injuries, and blood blisters. 

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DermaPure Antimicrobial Wound and Skin Cleanser

To cleanse chronic wounds, the wound clinic may want to try the new Simpurity DermaPure Antimicrobial Wound and Skin Cleanser. Manufacturer Safe n Simple notes the wound cleanser is free of steroids and alcohols and contains no fragrances, dyes, or perfumes. 

The company notes the formula is hypoallergenic and does not irritate the skin or wound bed. Safe n Simple notes DermaPure can manage minor irritations, minor skin abrasions, minor cuts, or intact skin. It is available in an 8-oz spray bottle. 

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RenewRenew Skin Repair Cream

For an everyday moisturizer, Renew Skin Repair Cream may be an answer for patients with wounds. Renew Skin Repair Cream can hydrate the skin and DermaRite says it is still light enough for patients to use every day. The company notes Renew Skin Repair Cream can protect and relieve skin that is dry, chapped, or cracked, and can restore moisture. 

Renew Skin Repair Cream is formulated with dimethicone, aloe vera, and natural and essential oils for a moisturizing barrier, according to DermaRite. The company adds that the cream is excellent for dry periwound areas and fragile skin. 

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Renew Dimethicone Skin Protectant Renew Dimethicone Skin Protectant

Patients with incontinence-associated dermatitis can benefit from an innovative skin protector. RenewDimethicone Skin Protectant forms a soothing, long-lasting barrier against wetness, while retaining and supplementing the natural moisture of skin, notes manufacturer DermaRite. The product can help soothe and prevent moisture-associated skin damage and incontinence-associated dermatitis as well as protect chafed or cracked skin. 

Renew Dimethicone Skin Protectant contains aloe vera; vitamins A, D, and E; and natural and essential oils for optimal skin hydration. DermaRite notes it is an excellent treatment for periwound areas exposed to wound drainage. 

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Sting FreeStingFree 

For skin care without that medicinal sting, try a new, alcohol-free, liquid skin protectant. DermaRite notes with a new formulation, StingFree now dries faster and offers improved skin protection for up to 72 hours. The company notes the product forms a quick-drying, transparent protective film between skin and bodily fluids and also helps prevent skin maceration. 

DermaRite notes StingFree can protect against excessive moisture due to factors such as wound exudate, tube drainage, or incontinence. The company says the skin protectant can also prevent skin stripping from adhesives and decrease friction damage over bony prominences. Finally, StingFree can form an extra barrier over intact skin in fragile areas such as with stage 1 pressure ulcers, deep tissue injuries, and blood blisters. It is available in 2-oz spray bottle or a pad. 

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3-N-1 Cleansing Foam 3-in-1 Cleansing Foam

A new foam is a body wash, shampoo, and pericleanser all in one. Manufacturer DermaRite notes 3-N-1 Cleansing Foam is a pH balanced, thick-foaming, rinse-free body wash, shampoo, and perineal cleanser. Enriched with aloe vera, 3-N-1 soothes and moisturizes fragile skin as it cleans. The company notes the foam is convenient and easy to use when periwound cleansing is needed. 

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