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September 2018

Volume 12 Issue 9
As part of our Careers Edition, podcast host Stephen G. Bergquist, MD, CWSP, raises awareness about the pay gap that exists between men and women in the workplace, including healthcare, with Amy Turnquist of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s…
In this podcast episode, Stephen G. Bergquist, MD, CWSP, discusses current trends in stem cell utilization for chronic wounds, as well as the evolution of regenerative medicine and its impact on patient care in general, with Matthew Regulski, DPM,…
​​​​​​​Pamela G. Unger, PT, CWS, FCCWS |
A few months ago, I found myself faced with the need for a newly updated resume. After working more than 13 years in the same industry, I realized that things had changed rather dramatically. Even though I tend to keep my paperwork current, it was…
As part of our Careers Edition, Today’s Wound Clinic offers the following compiled advice from various sources to assist wound care professionals in maintaining and writing their resume/curriculum vitae (CV). How to Write a Resume like a Healthcare…
Cynthia M. Thomas, EdD, MS, RNc & Constance E. McIntosh, EdD, MBA, RN |
Nurses desiring to move out of clinical practice might consider a position in a college or university academic environment. Moving from clinical practice to academia requires careful planning, however. This article discusses what a tenured position…
Chad Storlie |
In a world of exponentially increasing business tempo, C-suite leaders need clear, simple, and workable concepts that they can use immediately. When it comes to appropriate ways of providing leadership to their organizations, the best perspectives…
National Collaborative Aims to Reduce Clinician Burnout   According to recent research, health-care clinicians of all specialties and disciplines are experiencing high rates of burnout due to stress.
Laurie Benson, BSN |
Our current healthcare system is not sustainable. As today’s clinical environment becomes more complex, there are more challenges for everyone involved in the delivery of care. New ideas, approaches, and systems are essential. Healthcare…
Frank Aviles Jr., PT, CWS, FACCWS, CLT |
Do you remember the first candidate that you interviewed for a job and then hired? Did you feel comfortable throughout the interview process? Did you feel like you were qualified and prepared to perform that important role of interviewer? How well…
Joe Darrah |
Since launching in the spring of 2007, Today’s Wound Clinic (TWC) has had the honor of educating wound care providers and program directors on the “business side” of the industry. Even if it is not always in-your-face apparent, everything that is…
Carol J. Huston, MSN, DPA, FAAN |
Leadership matters. There is zero chance of any business actually achieving its goals without the benefit of great leaders. This is especially true in the healthcare industry, according to the Joint Commission, because healthcare organizations…
Rafael Mazuz, MBA & Jonathan Scott, CHT |
“What is your five-year plan?”
Kathleen D. Schaum, MS |
Information regarding coding, coverage, and payment is provided as a service to our readers. Every effort has been made to ensure information accuracy. However, HMP and the author do not represent, guarantee, or warranty that coding, coverage, and…
Tyler M. Faust, BSN, RN |
All healthcare professionals know about the need to follow best practices, and there are certainly standards to meet when conducting a job interview. How does one ensure that he or she is poised for a productive conversation?
Patricia Tabloski, PhD, GNP-BC, FGSA, FAAN |
Wound care professionals are among the healthcare industry’s most knowledgeable and skillful clinicians. They are also some of the most overworked. The need for expert wound care in the United States continues to intensify, with current estimated…
Amy Turnquist |
As medical professionals, you have chosen a career that is rooted in the desire to serve others and to advocate for patients. Naturally, that could make the thought of promoting one’s worth in a business-like setting a stressful and uncomfortable…
Jill Eysaman-Walker, DO |
Today’s Wound Clinicshares the journey of one wound care physician as she works her way through a fellowship program. This is the second in a series of articles. 
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