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Volume 3 Issue 2A - Tips - March/April 2009

Tuesday March 3, 2009
| 818 reads
  Welcome to Today’s Wound Clinic’s (TWC) first Special Issue. The staff of HMP Communications and our advertising clients are proud to bring you this jam-packed Special Tips Issue. We have pulled 319 tips for your... continue reading
Tuesday March 3, 2009
| 803 reads
  In an outpatient wound center or an inpatient wound care program where specific skills are necessary and staff numbers are small, hiring the right person becomes a crucial test of the manager’s knowledge, skills... continue reading
Tuesday March 3, 2009
| 1,875 reads
  Non-viable (necrotic) material within a chronic wound has been shown to inhibit the development of vascular tissue (granulation) and the formation of skin (epithelialization). Devitalized material enhances... continue reading
Tuesday March 3, 2009
| 1,146 reads
30 Tips for Educating Staff   You have been asked by your facility’s administrative team to train a staff for the new wound center that is to open in a few short weeks or even months. The following are tips for... continue reading
Tuesday March 3, 2009
| 1,070 reads
  Compression therapy is considered a standard of care for chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) patients. The following are tips on compression for use in the clinic setting.   1. Knowing when to apply compression,... continue reading
Tuesday March 3, 2009
| 1,328 reads
  Documentation is an intrinsic component in every patient encounter. With regulatory organizations closely monitoring activities, patient quality of care at stake, and the financial success of a wound clinic are... continue reading
Tuesday March 3, 2009
| 816 reads
  Sometimes it is not necessary to pay an expensive marketing consultant to state what a wound care professional should already know. The following are tips that will help take your clinic to the next level.   1.... continue reading
Tuesday March 3, 2009
| 3,337 reads
  The rapid growth in hyperbaric medicine facilities in the United States and throughout the world has created a demand for large numbers of new employees, some of whom have no experience and little training. This... continue reading