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Volume 6 Issue 5 - June/July 2012

Tuesday June 12, 2012
| 11,589 reads
  While many comorbidities have the potential to impact wound healing, this is especially true of diabetes mellitus (DM), a common disease among patients living with wounds. The impairments related to the disease... continue reading
Tuesday June 12, 2012
| 7,623 reads
  Lower extremity ulcerations are an ever-increasing problem in this country, particularly among those patients living with diabetes. Due to the continued surge in the disease’s presence throughout the general... continue reading
Tuesday June 12, 2012
| 14,507 reads
  In today’s healthcare scene there are many etiologies of neuropathy. None, however, is more prevalent than that which is related to diabetes, considering the growing global epidemic of the disease. Significant... continue reading
Tuesday June 12, 2012
| 3,473 reads
An interview with Christopher Hayes, chief technology officer.   Today’s Wound Clinic (TWC): How long have you been in wound care, and how did you enter this area of healthcare?   Christopher Hayes (CH): I started... continue reading
Tuesday June 12, 2012
| 4,007 reads
  Like any relationship, the bond between a healthcare provider and a patient is heavily based on faith, trust, and communication. Patients rely on their providers to be their advocates, to always have their best... continue reading
Tuesday June 12, 2012
| 3,130 reads
Study Links Drug, Cancer Risk   A study recently concluded by researchers in Canada has found an association between use of pioglitazone, a drug used to treat type 2 diabetes, and increased risk of bladder cancer.... continue reading
Tuesday June 12, 2012
| 1,754 reads
  A patient of mine developed a popular prescription drug that’s frequently advertised on TV. A brilliant physician who presented with plantar foot ulcers on both feet the first time we met, he claimed to have... continue reading
Tuesday June 12, 2012
| 4,323 reads
Information regarding coding, coverage, and payment is provided as a service to our readers. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information. HMP Communications and the authors do not represent... continue reading