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Volume 12 Issue 7 - July 2018

Thursday July 5, 2018
| 6,541 reads
Wound care is a challenging and ever-changing field of medicine. Chronic wounds in particular are responsible for a large portion of time, effort, and cost in the medical community. A newly released economic... continue reading
Thursday July 5, 2018
| 1,016 reads
The evolution of stem cells in the chronic wound regimen has taken a very circuitous path, so to speak. This article will briefly describe some of the different types of stem cells and how they may be utilized as... continue reading
Thursday July 5, 2018
| 1,722 reads
For orthopedic trauma surgeons in community hospitals, it can be challenging to convince plastic surgeons in private practice to close traumatic wounds with skin grafts, free flaps, or other reconstructive... continue reading
Thursday July 5, 2018
| 921 reads
Regenerative medicine is just one example of the many advanced modalities available to today’s product formularies. But how do we go about making sure our clinical and business decisions remain on profitable... continue reading
Thursday July 5, 2018
| 1,767 reads
As a doctor of osteopathic medicine, I’m often asked why it is that I chose the field of wound care as my practice specialty. I’ve given various answers, but the simplest one seems to be, “because it’s where I fit... continue reading
Thursday July 5, 2018
| 1,190 reads
It was almost exactly 20 years ago — during the summer of 1998 — that I took over as president of the Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS). As I write this, I’m at the UHMS annual scientific meeting in... continue reading
Thursday July 5, 2018
| 656 reads
Information regarding coding, coverage, and payment is provided as a service to our readers. Every effort has been made to ensure information accuracy. However, HMP and the author do not represent, guarantee, or... continue reading
Thursday July 5, 2018
| 207 reads
Stem Cells & The Outpatient Wound Clinic In this exclusive four-part video series, Matthew Regulski, DPM, ABMSP, FASPM, FAPWH(c), educates wound care clinicians and program directors on the state of stem cell... continue reading