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April 2017

Volume 11 Issue 4
MIPS Annual Call for Measures & Activities
Frank Aviles Jr., PT, CWS, FACCWS, CLT |
Developing an effective marketing plan for today’s outpatient wound clinics is a comprehensive undertaking. This article provides practical advice and first-person experience for program managers to consider.  
Organogenesis Acquires Amniotic Product Company
Catie MacKrell |
Yes, you can develop the marketing strategy for the outpatient wound clinic on a shoestring budget. That said, traditional relationship-based strategies and electronic health record-based tools for marketing should be a standard part of cultivating…
Kathleen D. Schaum, MS |
Some wound care physicians and other qualified healthcare professionals (QHPs) are old enough to remember when only three or four cellular and/or tissue-based products (CTPs) for skin wounds were available. Still, many younger individuals are aware…
Caroline E. Fife, MD, FAAFP, CWS, FUHM |
When was the last time that you received a handwritten note in the mail with an actual stamp on it? I got one recently from Suha Sreeram, MD. Inside a beautiful card she had sent to me was an even more beautifully written note, thanking me for an…
Roger Shindell, MS, CHPS, CISA, & Lorna L. Hecker, PhD, CHPS |
In the world of HIPAA, you are your brother’s (or sister’s) keeper. Under the HIPAA HITECH Act enacted as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment of 2009, that means, legally speaking, that any covered entity (CE) — namely the healthcare…
Marcia Nusgart, RPh |
This article will discuss key legislative trends, advocacy opportunities, and challenges for the year ahead that are relevant to those in the wound care sector. Editor’s Note: This article was written with the quick-moving and rapidly evolving…
Rafael Mazuz |
This article offers wound care providers advice from their fellow clinicians about appropriate relationship building with vendors and sales reps. Can you help marketing and advertising folks improve their methods in your clinic by addressing these…
Moira Sykstus, MHA, RRT, CHT |
Plans for internal and external marketing campaigns should always be determined by a budget. This article offers practical guidance for wound care clinics.   
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