Hyperbaric Strategic Partnership for Distribution

Perry Baromedical (Riviera Beach, FL) announced its new partnership with Kent Imaging, Inc (Calgary, Alberta, Canada), to distribute the KD203, a near infrared imaging device. Through the partnership, the hyperbaric chamber manufacturer will expand its innovative offerings. The tissue assessment technology is an noninvasive and cost-effective method of assessing the effects of hyperbaric therapy on wound oxygenation and wound health. It reports oxygen saturation, relative oxyhemoglobin, and relative deoxyhemoglobin levels in superficial tissue with a multispectral imaging to determine at-risk tissue and guide treatment protocols.

Visit https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/perry-baromedical-and-kent-imaging-inc-announce-strategic-partnership-in-hyperbarics-300681702.html for more information.