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October 2018

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October 2018

Volume 12 Issue 10
Kathleen D. Schaum, MS |
In this new video series, TWC editorial advisory board member Kathleen D. Schaum, MS, shares eight poignant reimbursement tips for today’s outpatient wound care clinics.  Tip No. 1: Research Tip No. 2: Learn Payment Systems Tip No. 3: Itemizing 
As part of our Careers Edition, podcast host Stephen G. Bergquist, MD, CWSP, raises awareness about the pay gap that exists between men and women in the workplace, including healthcare, with Amy Turnquist of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s…
Rafael Mazuz, MBA |
In this new video series, TWC editorial advisory board member Rafael Mazuz, MBA, offers advice for wound care program directors and clinicians to consider when evaluating the business performance of their outpatient wound care centers. (Rafael Mazuz…
Most Healthcare Providers Received Flu Shots During 2017-18
Today’s Wound Clinic (TWC): Please provide a short description of your background, training, and experience.
Kathleen D. Schaum, MS |
I have been honored to share wound care coding, payment, and coverage information with readers of Today’s Wound Clinic (TWC) through the column Business Briefs. However, many people have asked me to share more real-life situations that I encounter…
Kathleen D. Schaum, MS |
To receive an invitation to serve as the guest editor of this journal is truly an honor, for which I thank HMP, Joe Darrah, and Dr. Caroline Fife. I was particularly excited when I learned that this special reimbursement-focused edition of Today’s…
Donna J. Cartwright, MPA, RHIA, CCS, RAC, FAHIMA |
Information regarding coding, coverage, and payment is provided as a service to our readers. Every effort has been made to ensure information accuracy. However, HMP Communications and the authors do not represent, guarantee, or warranty that coding…
Newly opened wound care clinics only have one opportunity to streamline revenue cycle processes at the time of launch. What do those with experience suggest for today’s facilities? Today’s Wound Clinic (TWC) has published numerous articles on…
Kathleen D. Schaum, MS |
A well-known, concerning fact is that the United States has the world’s highest-cost healthcare system without ranking as the highest in terms of quality care. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, the U.S. is said to not even rank…
Kathleen D. Schaum, MS |
Physicians and other qualified healthcare professionals (QHPs) who choose to specialize in chronic wound management spend a significant amount of time honing their clinical skills. However, they often do not spend enough time polishing their revenue…
Kathleen D. Schaum, MS |
Information regarding coding, coverage, and payment is provided as a service to our readers. Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy. However, HMP and the author do not represent, guarantee, or warranty that coding, coverage, and payment…
As part of our reimbursement-focused edition, Today’s Wound Clinic recently surveyed management company representatives about their expectations and roles with reimbursement-related services for outpatient wound care clinics. Their responses are…
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